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Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Home Maintenance in Boston Massachusetts.

You live in Boston, your so preoccupied with your office job that the new home you just bought is having little done to it in regards to maintenance. It’s okay, we understand, most of our customers spend so much time working that they don’t have time to pressure wash their home, or clean their gutters, or wash the windows. Add kids into the mix and your home could feel neglected. Let HiCleaners fill in the gap! Let us make sure your home looks the same as when you just bought it!

Why Should Boston Residents Choose HiCleaners?

HiCleaners only hires the most qualified candidates. They need to be presentable, professional, and know how to do their job right the first time. We train our technicians monthly to make sure they are up to date with all tools and machines we use. This means that your home will come out better than you were ever expecting. We are highly rated on every online platform, call or text us today at (781) 333-8758 and see why so many people choose HiCleaners.

What Can HiCleaners Clean?

  1. Your patio
  2. Your gutters
  3. Your windows
  4. Your siding
  5. Your driveway
  6. Your roof
  7. Pretty much anything outside your home

When is the perfect time to clean?

Anytime you have something dirty on the outside of your home is the best time to give HiCleaners a call. We have a variety of machines and tools that are just the right fit to clean the dirty surface. Whether it be concrete, stucco, vinyl, plastic, or wood, we can do it all. Call us today for your free estimate! (781) 333-8758.

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