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  • Up to 2 stories high
  • Valid for panel arrangements on only one side of a roof
  • Taller houses will incur an additional charge
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    For residential service only
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    Limit 1 deal per member/household
    Valid for 1 and 2 story homes
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Solar panel technology is growing rapidly. Door to door salesmen are flooding streets marketing their companies solar panel package. Solar panel ads are flooding your social media and every search you seem to make has the image of a solar panel somewhere. Many homeowners have taken advantage of the benefits of solar panel technology to help save the earth, but also put a little bit of cash in their pocket.

You did your research and came to the conclusion that installing solar panels on your home would benefit you in every way. For the first several months the profits were great, you saved tons of money on your electricity bill. Winter came and as expected it did not provide too much benefit, but spring time surely would turn things around. Spring time came and you have noticed that the solar panels efficiency is not what it used to be.

This happens to every homeowner with solar panels. Dirt and pollen accumulate on your solar panels and block a portion of sunlight that your panels are able to absorb. The remedy to this problem is to simply clean them! The only setback is that they are on your roof and you have no idea how to clean them. That’s where HiCleaners comes in! We have the technology to efficiently clean your solar panels without damage to get them running properly as if they were just installed.

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Why is important to LEAVE A REVIEW for exterior cleaning services Solar panel cleaning and exterior house washing in Milton, MA.


Will cleaning my solar panels scratch or damage them? We use the same technology to clean your panels as we use for window cleaning. It doesn’t scratch windows, so it won’t scratch your solar panels.Will Cleaning my Solar panels improve its efficiency? Clearing off dirt from your panels will allow more sunlight to be absorbed, therefore allowing the panels to run more efficiently.How often should I clean my solar panels? Solar panels should be cleaned twice a year, once in the spring, and once after pollen has stopped.Are chemicals used to clean my solar panels? We use a special water filtration and de-ionization system to clean your solar panels without chemicals.

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