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Sawdust Covered Solar Panels
Sawdust Covered Solar Panels

Sawdust Covered Solar Panels

Aug 10, 2022

Solar Panels are great additions to your home, but they need to be taken care of and cleaned just like other exterior home surfaces. What types of debris can get on solar panels?
Yes, we had a customer call us to schedule solar panel cleaning because they had sawdust cover their solar panels.

David from Worcester, Massachusetts called us to let us know that he recently had the tree next to his house cut down since it was growing at an angle that one day may cause it to fall on their house during a strong storm. He needed to have it cut and knew that his solar panels would have to be cleaned after since the sawdust would cover them, making the panels less efficient. He figured the wind would blow the sawdust away from the panels but the sawdust stayed on them. He called HiCleaners for solar panel cleaning once he learned on our website that we offered the service and he had contacted us for window cleaning in the past. He was so happy with the solar panel cleaning service that he received from us that he left us a 5 star review on Google. He couldn’t believe just how professional we were while also showing him before and after pictures of the solar panels so he could see how we were able to carefully remove all of the sawdust, making the solar panels look like they were just installed on his roof.

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