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Gutter Guard Installation
Gutter Guard Installation

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Market price $1000
  • Up to 2 stories high
  • High quality vinyl snap in guards
  • Up to 120 linear foot
  • Installed on modern aluminum gutters only
  • The Fine PrintAmerimax vinyl snap in guard
    Deal cannot be combined with other specials or offers
    Deal cannot be applied to current or past jobs
    For residential service only
    Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours
    Standard cancellation policy applies
    Limit 1 deal per member/household
    Valid for 1 and 2 story homes
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You do everything you can to prevent health problems. You eat healthy, take vitamins, have an active lifestyle, and see your doctor regularly. What you may not realize is that most problems with homes can also be prevented if you take the right steps and hire the right people just like with your own health. It is essential to hire HiCleaners so we can give your home a “checkup” and help you create a yearly maintenance plan to prevent damage to its health.

HiCleaners offers a gutter guard installation service. It’s just one of the things you can do to prevent possible water damage to your home. It works by blocking leaves and debris from entering the gutter, which makes sure it stays clear so the water can flow freely through the gutter and downspout. The debris stays on top of the guard, and is blown away by the wind. Gutter guard systems typically have a 95% efficiency rate and require little to no maintenance.

HiCleaners has installed over 10,000 guard systems and we back our work with a guarantee. We know what type of guard to use for all different types of homes in New England. If you are interested in eliminating the need for gutter cleaning, and not having to worry about water damage, then HiCleaners is the friend you need to contact. We provide free samples of guards, and free quotes. Contact us today!

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How long does a gutter guard last? 15-20 years is the typical lifespan of a guard. Do I need to maintain the guards? Guards are designed to not need maintenance unless a storm or tree damages the gutter system.What do gutter guards do? They prevent debris from entering the gutter system which keeps it clear for a free flow of water.Do guards blow off in a storm? Guards are secured under the shingle and snap into the gutter. In rare cases a small 3 foot section may come off, however we will come back to replace it with a new guard free of charge.

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