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Gloucester, MA

Gloucester, MA

Home Maintenance in Gloucester Massachusetts

The residents of Gloucester are enjoying one of country’s top fishing ports meaning fresh seafood all year round. By living on the coast and having the Atlantic ocean at their doorstep that also brings a lot of humidity. Moisture promotes the growth of mold and bacteria and this is why is important to be on top of your home maintenance. HiCleaners are specialist in removing and treating mold and bacteria.


HiCleaners is well know in the entire state of Massachusetts as one of the top specialist in exterior home cleaning. We are confident in our abilities and this is backed up by thousands of testimonies provided by our customers who have used and still using our specialist services.

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HiCleaners provides services throughout the year. Booking a service with HiCleaners is quick and easy, call us today and find out our special offers.
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