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About us

About us

The friendliest company you’ll ever work with

HiCleaners is a professional cleaning company in Massachusetts that provides the highest possible quality service with the friendliest and most presentable employees. We specialize in Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Washing, and Window Cleaning.

We not only make your home look like new, we also prevent future damages from occurring to your home by maintaining your property. Call us today for a free quote and ask us how we can help maintain your home and prevent pre-mature repair costs from popping up unexpectedly.

All of our employees have their own unique style of customer service. We train them rigorously to be excellent at customer service, but also require them to add their own human aspect to it so that you feel more comfortable with them in and outside your home. If you like a particular technician, then all you need to do is request them again. If you feel more comfortable with one person you have developed a relationship with, then just tell the office when you call that you would like your particular technician.

Vision and mission

The best maintenance company in Massachusetts

We have the most skilled service technicians, because they stay with our company which means they have many years of experience that helps them do the job better.
Competitive Prices Competitive Prices

We are highly skilled in what we do and we invest in the best equipment. This allows us to do the service quicker, and most importantly lets us keep the cost low so you can feel better about hiring us!

Eco-Friendly Services Eco-Friendly Services

We continuously look for new solutions and machines. Every year technology gets better, which means every year we can invest and uphold our dedication to not harm the environment with our cleaning service.

No subcontractor services No subcontractor services

All of the technicians that arrive are directly employed by us. We never hire a third party company to do our work. We make sure we do it, so it gets done right.

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