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Melrose, MA

Melrose, MA

Home Maintenance in Melrose Massachusetts

Are you scared of heights? You may be, but you keep looking at your roof seeing it changing color and your gutters are filled up with debris and leaves and you wish you could just climb up there and clean it. HiCleaners is a provider who is regularly around the Melrose area providing Exterior Home Cleaning and maintenance services.


HiCleaners was established more than 2 decades ago after seeing the need on the market for Hoe maintenance. Residents and home owners across the entire state of Massachusetts have at some point used our services and rest assured haven’t been left disappointed. We have build our knowledge, skills and professionalism in order to tackle even the most difficult tasks.

What HiCleaners can do for your home?

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Give us a call today on (781) 333-8758 and book your regular Home maintenance service. Whether you are a first time customer or have used our services before we will be happy to hear from you and provide the service that you require.
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