Roof washing is an essential part of home maintenance in areas with a denser population of trees. Insurance companies note that the most common reason roofs age pre-maturely is because of moss, lichen, and mildew. HiCleaners has the most experienced team of professionals that know precisely how to get rid of this nasty infestation of bacteria with our roof washing service.

It is essential to clean your gutters twice a year as part of your regular home maintenance program. Not cleaning your gutters can result in water backing up into your fascia board causing it to rot. Eventually if left to rot too long, water will back up in to your walls. Prevent possible home damage with a very affordable preventative measure; HiCleaners gutter cleaning service.


Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean almost any outdoor surface. Make sure not to leave any surface un-cleaned for too long. Failure to clean an outdoor surface especially because it is subject to harmful U.V. rays, will result in the surface staining, which will eliminate any hope for it being cleaned properly to a state it once looked. Preserve the look of your outdoor space, and have us pressure wash anything outside your home.

Windows are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning your house. Home owners overlook this arduous task simply because it takes a very long time, it’s difficult to clean them streak free, and they usually have frames that are damaged which require a professional to handle them without damage. Call HiCleaners and we will take the stress away from this task no one wants to do.

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We provide the most experienced and customer oriented Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Washing, and Window Cleaning services in Massachusetts backed up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We take pride in doing things correctly, efficiently, and on time. We guarantee satisfaction with our service or your money back. You won’t find service like this anywhere else in Boston, MA or the surrounding areas.


We use the most up to date technology and products to schedule you faster and complete the job faster.

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We are certified by private associations in all of our service areas (International window cleaning association, North American Gutter Cleaning Association, United States Pressure Washing association, and Professional Roof Soft Washing Association.)


We pledge to provide the best value in Roof Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, and Window Cleaning in the Boston areas…


We’re fully insured for highly secure facilities, such as Fortune 500 Companies. If your business is in Massachusetts, we are your cleaning company.


We provide an unlimited performance guarantee with our cleaning service.

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