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Newton, MA

Newton, MA

Home Maintenance in Newton Massachusetts.

Newton is known for historic homes. Historic homes need to be maintained so that wood doesn’t start rotting, and the structure stays intact for as long as possible. Even if your home isn’t historic, you still need to maintain it. Common maintenance items include, pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof washing, soft washing, and power washing. Call HiCleaners today at (781) 333-8758.

Why Should Newton Residents Choose HiCleaners?

HiCleaners will take the best care of your irreplaceable home! We know your historic home has woodwork that can’t be broken, and parts to it that have become fragile over the years. We Always use Soft Washing in cases where more care needs to be taken for a more fragile surface. Soft Washing uses no more than the pressure of a garden hose. All we have to do is spray, let sit, and rinse!

What Can HiCleaners Clean?

  1. Wood
  2. Wood Patios
  3. Small Houses
  4. Big Houses
  5. Gutters
  6. Windows
  7. Roofs
  8. Driveways
  9. Walkways
  10. Stairs

When is the perfect time to clean?

Clean your homes exterior on a regular basis to avoid major problems. To assist, we will recommend what to get cleaned and when. Window cleaning and gutter cleaning: Spring and Fall. Pressure washing and roof washing: spring, summer, and fall. Use this guide to help you in making your decision on when to get service done!

Watch our Home Maintenance services in Newton

Professional Exterior window cleaning in Newton MA Pressure washing and soft washing in Newton, MA. Roof soft washing and gutter cleaning in Newton, MA
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