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Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing

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Market price $800
  • Up to 1,800 square feetExtra square footage can be cleaned for an additional amount
  • For siding only
  • 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  • The Fine PrintDeal cannot be combined with other specials or offers
    Deal cannot be applied to current or past jobs
    For residential service only
    Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours
    Standard cancellation policy applies
    Limit one deal per member/household
    Valid for one and two story homes
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Anyone can buy a small pressure washer at your local home improvement store. Sure, you know how to hook up a hose and shoot a water gun. If you’re one of the many people who have tried this, then you probably know it’s not actually that easy. The pressure washer consumers buy are good for getting a surface really wet, but does not provide the pressure needed to actually clean hard and porous services.

It’s not just pressure that cleans a surface, you need to make sure to use the right tip, gun, and attachment. If you use the wrong item, you run the risk of creating streaks and damage to the surface you tried to clean. You also need to make sure to use the right soap or solution, doing so can help cut the cleaning time in half! With so many things to keep in mind, it can be overwhelming for a regular homeowner to take on an exterior cleaning task. That’s where we come in!

HiCleaners technicians are trained monthly to make sure their cleaning skills stay sharp. All technicians have many years of experience, so they know what they are doing and can handle anything you throw at them. We know what to use, and when to use it to eliminate any possibility of damaging a surface at your home. Let us save you an inevitable headache, call us today for a free affordable quote.

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Professional Fence Pressure Washingat in Quincy, MA Professional Pressure Washing & Soft Washingat in Belmont, MA Professional Gutter Cleaning and Pressure Washing in Framingham MA


Will pressure washing damage my plants? Our technicians are always careful not to damage any vegetation or plants.How much water gets used to clean my house? It’s hard to say how many gallons are used, but you should expect an increase of roughly $20 dollars to your water bill.Will the pressure damage my siding? Our technicians are highly trained, so we know what amount of pressure to use for all surface types.Will chemicals damage my plants? Every product we use is eco-friendly so no damage will occur.

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