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Wrentham, MA

Wrentham, MA

Home Maintenance in Wrentham Massachusetts

Leafy parks, calm atmosphere and rich history. It is understandable why people will chose to purchase a property in Wrentham and the benefits are many. However, the climate in Massachusetts is as such that moss loves it and thrives in it, and takes a special preference to the roof of your home. Moss unfortunately is also surprisingly tenacious and requires a skilful hand to remove it and treat it properly ultimately to prevent the continuous growth of it. HiCleaners offers excellent and skilled teams of technicians to tackle even the most stubborn moss on any type of roof.


HiCleaners operates in the entire state of Massachusetts. Our reputation has been build over two decades by providing reliable and exceptional services to all our customers. Full comprehensive insurance in place for a peace of mind to cover all our services that we offer and provide.

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