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Framingham, MA

Framingham, MA

Home Maintenance in Framingham Massachusetts

Largely populated and very diverse location where every individual has their own way of performing home maintenance tasks. Whether you remember to maintain the exterior of your home or have the time do it a time comes when the professional need to step in. HiCleaners if providing Home maintenance services and is able to complete even the most tedious and tricky tasks.


HiCleaners is a Boston based company and covers the entire state of Massachusetts. Maintaining residents homes on a regular basis, offering flexibility and high standard services. Retention and training of our employees is important as part of the excellent provision of services for our customers.

What HiCleaners can do for your home?

When is the perfect time to contact HiCleaners and book a cleaning?

HiCleaners can be contacted via phone, text and email. You will be provided with a free of charge estimate and time slot that suits you. It’s quick and stress free to schedule a visit with us.

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