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Somerville, MA

Somerville, MA

Home Maintenance in Somerville Massachusetts

Attractive and affordable location for homebuyers and investors in real estate. In many people’s cases purchasing a property is a large and serious investment, which obviously must be maintained at all times. This is why Home maintenance cannot be ignored or postponed for a long periods of time. In order to avoid costly repairs due to severe damages you must take care of your homes by regularly inspecting the exterior and have a little look on your roof to observe for developing mold, fungus or other organic growth.  HiCleaners can help you with all that whenever you need to.


HiCleaners is your local specialist when it come to exterior home maintenance. Our trained and highly skilled teams of technicians will inspect your roof, gutters, shingles & siding of your home by having a close look at it and report the situation and what treatment and services may be required. All of our technicians are provided with specialist equipment & knowledge to preform to the best of their abilities. HiCleaners cover the entire state of Massachusetts with local teams available on a short notice when required.

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Call HiCleaners today on (781) 333-8758 and get your free of charge estimate. Our friendly operator will be happy to provide help and advice to your query. Booking a slot is easy and straightforward. Emergency bookings are also available as well as ongoing special offers.

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