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We specialize in residential and commercial cleanings where we provide the best and most experienced window cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and solar panel cleaning services in all of New England. All of our technicians are trained to handle any job type. If you have a larger project, our company will come out and meet in person to do a comprehensive estimate that will include any requirements that you may have for your business or commercial building. You can confidently choose us! We have all necessary insurances to be completely covered for even large commercial buildings. The types of larger jobs we have done include, but are not limited to;
We have done every type of job imaginable, even work that requires us to sign confidential waivers! Did we also mention we have Osha certifications? Paperwork is a requirement that most commercial jobs need. We can fill out any job bid, tax document, or document you may need for your company. Choose a company that is experienced in commercial work. HiCleaners will make sure we take the utmost care in our work to make sure no property is damaged, and most importantly no one on the premises is hurt, employee or bystander! We also make sure we have employees trained in a variety of equipment that includes, but is not limited to;
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