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How Birds and Pressure Washing Relate
How Birds and Pressure Washing Relate

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How Birds and Pressure Washing Relate

Jun 22, 2022

We all know birds fly around our homes every day. But birds don’t just fly around our homes, they sometimes leave a nasty gift, their droppings! Sometimes, bird droppings get onto our home siding and we want to remove the droppings from our home. HiCleaners offers pressure washing service that can remove the droppings and other debris. What does pressure washing remove?Let the professionals at HiCleaners do the work to remove whatever type of debris you have on your home siding! Frank from Lynnfield, Massachusetts called us to schedule pressure washing for his siding. He told us that birds fly over his home constantly and he didn’t realize that on the side of his home there were bird droppings that have been stuck there for many days at least. He couldn’t say how long the bird droppings have been there but he never checked the side of his home until the day he called us. We told him we would remove the bird droppings for him with pressure washing. We reassured him that the pressure washing would not damage the siding and it would just remove any dirt and bird droppings on the home. HiCleaners provided him with a quote for the pressure wash the siding. They could see that the siding had bird droppings and dirt stuck to the siding. After the pressure washing service, Frank said the house looked like new and he was happy we were able to remove the bird droppings. He was impressed with how pressure washing worked and was thankful that our technicians were so professional and kind when they were explaining the process and answering any questions he had. HiCleaners technicians make sure to get the job done right.

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