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Everyone deserve a clean roof in Woburn MA

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Everyone deserve a clean roof in Woburn MA

Aug 30, 2022

Green bacteria, algae and fungus can damage your roof severely. Take a look at your home and if you notice any infestation, you need to contact a professional company to take care of it. If you leave it like that for a long time lichen and mold will make cracks on the roof shingles and water will start going into the house.
Here it is Massachusetts average roof washing price list:
  1. Small size house $450-$550
  2. Medium size house $550-$700
  3. Large size house $700-$1200

Our client Joe from Woburn MA had the porch roof covered with mold and lichen. We sent a team of two technicians and scrubbed it and applied solution. The bacteria was removed and treated. We recommended zinc strip installation for not having the same issue again. After inspecting the entire house, we ended up pressure washing rear deck because it was covered with green bacteria. Railing and steps were power washed as well and everything looks shiny now. You can check all the services that we offer as well as all special deals and promotions every season on our website. Or simply call HiCleaners to 781-333-8758.
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