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Solar Panel Competition
Solar Panel Competition

Solar Panel Competition

Jul 19, 2022

What if there is something you can do to make sure your solar panels are performing better?
Well, there is, and it’s making sure to get your solar panels cleaned!
It’s recommended to get them clean when you see them starting to look dull or dirty from things like:Donald from Boston, Massachusetts called us to schedule solar panel cleaning because he saw that his solar panels has dirt on them. He knew they needed to be cleaned and felt as though it was time to get them cleaned after looking at how dirty they’ve gotten over the past months. He didn’t know HiCleaners offered solar panel cleaning until he viewed our website after looking for our company to do his gutter cleaning. He didn’t want his neighbors to look down on him and think he wasn’t maintaining his home properly. His neighbors had solar panels as well but theirs looked much cleaner and he saw them get their solar panels cleaned recently. He joked with us that it’s sort of a friendly competition to see who can keep the exterior of their home clean but he told us that he feels embarrassed about how dirty is panels were. We let him know that we would take care of the solar panel cleaning and that we would be careful with them, making sure not to damage them in the cleaning process. Once the service was completed the technician showed him a picture of the before and after shot of the solar panels to see what they looked like in comparison. He was so happy with how clean they looked and it helped him feel much better about the friendly competition he was going through with his neighbor.
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