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    We Are HiCleaners
    Windows HiCleaners!
    The best windows service around Boston
    Your Local professional window cleaners in Massachusetts.
    Providing window cleaning services for commercial and residential properties
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    streak-free clean windows
    Windows cleaner- no stripes, no drips
    with us windows and mirrors easily become clean and dry
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our main objective at HiCleaners is to provide the highest quality window cleaning service at a competitive price, while maintaining the safest work environment for our client's employees as well as our own labor force.

Residential Window Cleaning

HiCleaners stands behind our product and services because we want to ensure you are happy with our services and we want to be the company you choose to maintain your property plus refer us to your friends and family.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Our workers at HiCleaners are capable and experienced in the use of safety belts, stage, chair, lift, pole, and ladder work. We will provide current licensing and insurance documentation upon request..

Boom Lift window Cleaning

At HiCleaners we can provide the peace of mind that licensed, bonded, and insured window cleaners will be maintaining the appearance of your business and residential property.

More About Us

We perform window cleaning for high rise buildings, condominium complexes, shopping centers, and more.


Having quality management systems in place ensures that our left arm knows what the right arm is doing and we can deliver seamlessly from foundation to the client. Our experience in our service sector allows us to strategically assess every requirement

We arrive on site equipped with a advanced purified water system for the cleanest of clean windows. Our professinal tools enable operators to get the best quality in less time.

Why Choose Us

We’re window cleaning company certified by the International Window Cleaners Association
We pledge to provide the highest value in window cleaning service.
We’re approved for highly secure facilities, such as the Fortune 100 Companies.
We provide an unlimited performance guarantee.

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Our Clients

Partners We Work With

It's a sampling of our current work with companies, including case studies on specific projects that HiCleaners has worked in collaboration.